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Tutti i progetti, le azioni e i prodotti sono a cura di Pensando Meridiano con la responsabilità scientifica di Consuelo Nava e si avvalgono della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633  sulla "proprietà intellettuale" 


Cultural innovation and city-making in the dissemination of reading connected to the reflection space , places and shared experiences.

The #LIBRARE strategy was founded by Pensando Meridiano in March 2016 as Innovative Urban Action promoted by the makers of the CFP training course of City making, to act a different way of reading and living books , their narratives and their related share all cultural innovation and the experience of the place and space of exchange and promotion of thoughts.


It integrates the BookCity project already active as making and urban laboratory on the themes of formal and informal public space and reading books. Therefore it is " hybrid action " for the collective reading that found in other cultural forms of narration (video, illustration , social communication , music, journalism, storytelling , etc ) the shared -making related to the writing experience (actions bookcity , booksharing , bookcroossing , laboratories and urban events)

Makers of #LibrAre

Ilaria Meduri (referent of the project BookCity)

> Makers from CFP of City making: Luca Assumma (journalist), Alessia Battaglia (graphic editor), Domenico Iero (social media), Santa Spanò (blogger)

> Social Communication by: Alessia Palermiti, Andrea Procopio, Dario Borruto, Danilo Emo

Social page dissemination




>  BOOKCITY, by I. Meduri

1° urban event: Book Market Recycled   >> advertisement

   Contest Fotografico: Spazi insoliti per solite letture  >> advertisement

   Community FB Spazi insolite per solite letture >> link

2° urban event: (S)cambia letture >>locandina

Innovative Urban Action #LibrAre 

1° event: Public Talk #QualeCalabria_ making actions for the promotion of cultural interest

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> 2° event:  #FOODBOOK with Pro Loco Scilla_event about books, food, landscapes of mediterraneo_04 Aug 2016 

    > advertisement   > photo  > press   > storytelling    >VIDEO StoryTelling

> 3° event:  #BLOGBOOK with Pro Loco Scilla_event about books and blog with the author T. Calabrò and social communicator J. Condemi

    _24 Aug 2016

    > advertisement   > photos   > press 1   > press 2    >VIDEO StoryTelling