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Tutti i progetti, le azioni e i prodotti sono a cura di Pensando Meridiano con la responsabilità scientifica di Consuelo Nava e si avvalgono della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633  sulla "proprietà intellettuale" 



Knowledge city


Social Communication and the Knowledge City
The tactics of city-making adopted by the association to build actions and activities on sustainable urban innovation strategies, turns into "social communication and knowledge city" in the process of collaborative construction of knowledge, through the integration between traditional communications and communication techniques on the net, through the devices of social media and web networking.
The construction of virtual communities that interface in the network does not replace the trade practices and physical participation, but it is the way you manage information and communications on policies that facilitate cohesion and innovation communities, urban and social regeneration.


All products and services designed and managed by the association are supporting tools to implement strategies to increase the disclosure of plans, objectives, content, activities; to include community interaction activities and immediate comparison through the use of media products directly exposed on the activities underway; to monitor the satisfaction and enlargement of the network of all the users and the entities participating in the actions.


Operating tools: social media and networking products for integrated communication with facebook pages and media, web contest, video making, thematic sites, blogs, e-newsletters, mailing, pickup truck, You Tube, viral communication, traditional communication (press office and editing), urban marketing.



Actions of social communication on the topics and projects for the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria:


  •  viral communication  : “POST IT” and “NOI ABBIAMO UN PROGETTO

  •  social communication for the Festival Nazionale delle Città Metropolitane_ 16/18 luglio 2015 Reggio Calabria_ INU/OAPPC

 -  website >LINK

 -  site management >facebook >twitter 

 -  videomaking > LINK

 -  viral communication Post-it








Seminars on the topics of environmental, economic and social, urban innovation, resilient systems, adaptive and enabling technologies, land use, urban recycling and recycling of components-systems, systems and asset lifecycle, national and European legislation, collective towns , strategies and tactics for the city-making, open to young people, undergraduates, graduates and members of ' Thinking Meridiano within the university course semestrale_Università Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria Prof. C. Nava with architects G. Mangano, A. Procopio e F. Ciccone per Pensando Meridiano.


>>> complete program of #Open seminars  > click here

>>> program of each seminar > click here


PERIOD : 5 seminars of 5 hours (March-May 2016)

Direction: Prof. Arch. C. Nava with Pensando Meridiano
Tutoring: Giuseppe Mangano, Andrea Procopio, Federica Ciccone (Pensando Meridiano)

Scientific resp.: Prof. Arch. C. Nava





  • CITY MAKERS for sustainable urban innovation for the city metro of Reggio Calabria;

  • OPERATOR and PROMOTER for local development for environmentally friendly tourism


>>> Programma degli Incontri Collaborativi #Open  > click here

        > I cycle Urban Social Innovation and local development of territory click here

        > II cycle Informazione e Giornalismo Sociale per l'Innovazione click here

        > III cycle Fotoracconto e VideoMaking click here

        > IV cycle Social Communication Strategies click here

        >  V cycle Idee, innovazioni, startup ed impresa > click here


DURATION AND PERIOD: 400 H ( 240 classroom and 160 territorial laboratories) October 2015 /March 2016

Direction's Course : Province of Reggio Calabria and Pensando Meridiano

Resp. of educational coordination: Giuseppe Mangano, Andrea Procopio, Danilo Emo, Luca Assumma

Support to educational coordination: Alessia R. Palermiti

Resp. Scientific project: Prof.ssa Arch. C. Nava


> Postcards / courses' themes  >>city makers  >>>promoter and ecotourism operator

> Courses' students list >>>click here

> Curses' Presentation  (pdf) >>>click here

> Programm of Collaborative meetings #Open  >>>click here










>>> Open Knowledge City




Designing and Making to promote urban social innovation through the tactics that relate to uses, spaces and products for
"Reading" and the new ways of experiencing social exchange through urban practices.
Action activated by Ilaria Meduri, making urban and promoted with his studies for his doctoral thesis in Architecture.


> 1° urban event: Book Market Recycled   >>locandina

   Photografic Contest : Spazi insoliti per solite letture  >Bando  >>locandina

> 2° urban event: (S)cambia letture >>locandina