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Tutti i progetti, le azioni e i prodotti sono a cura di Pensando Meridiano con la responsabilità scientifica di Consuelo Nava e si avvalgono della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633  sulla "proprietà intellettuale" 

ErgoSud, the cultural project for the southern young people, created by Consuelo Nava and promoted by Pensando Meridiano with institutional partners, some associations and other subjects, after the participation and the success of its 2nd edition in 2015, shared with the center ABitaLab and Giovani Industriali of Reggio Calabria, It answers to the question of many young people of the South, their interest to keep on knowing, to inquire and to take the opportunity of development, of innovation and of job that are originated by the  national, regional and community program on competitive announcement.


The laboratory is open to all the partners of the association Pensando Meridiano, to the Innovators of other experiences, to the young people that participated to the editions of ErgoSud and to all the southern young people, that want to share an instant experience of co-working to put themselves to the test and growing up in the experience and in the competence on the themes of interest.


Working in team, with a program of organized job and finalized to participate to the selections of the announcement. Programming the moments of brainstorming, the shared start of the objectives, the transfer of the knowledges and approaches, up to realize the proposals in co-working and their collective sharing, directed by the experts and proposed by the groups of job.


The themes of the reference for the activities of co-planning and the selection of the competitive lines are:


  • Innovation and social cohesion (Making city e Social Change)

  • Sustainable Innovation

  • Urban Innovation

  • Creative City and cultural innovation

  • Smart city

  • FabLab e FabCity

  • Energetic efficiency and sustainable planning

  • Digital innovation

  • Trasfer of know how between search and innovation

  • Transfer of strategies and tactics between innovation and territory

  • Social communication and local marketing





> Period: 28-29-30 September 2013

> Communication: link

> Partecipants: link

> Media: videostreaming days  1a - 1b - 1c - 2a - 2b; photos days 1 - 2a - 2b - 3

> Press: weblink 1 - 2 - 3 - 4



ERGOSUD_ II EDIZIONE [2015] - SSI + [CD]: Smart Sustainable Innovation + [Civic Data]  


> Period: 16-17 Gennaio 2015

> Communication: link

Partecipants: link

> Media: videostreaming days 1a - 1b - 2a - 2b ;  photos days link

> Press: weblink 1 - 2 - 3






Program of Capacity Building / Know-how > open and equal access under 40

CYCLE OF INFODAY OFPensando Meridiano for Lab.ErgoSud with ReeBoot and lab. #RCstorming


1° Infoday _ 20 may2015 – 8 h : “PROJECT PLANNING & PROGRAMMING WITH EU FUNDS”  

  • Poster Flyer > link

  • Participants list

  • Newsletter byValentina Palco > link

  • Report by Luca Assumma > link


2° Infoday _ 11 june 2015 – 4 h : “HOW TO GET YOUR RESULTS”

  • Poster Flyer  > link

  • Participants list

  • Newsletter

  • Report by Luca Assumma > link





Professional courses


  • CITY MAKERS for sustainable urban innovation for the city metro of Reggio Calabria;

  • OPERATOR and PROMOTER for local development for environmentally friendly tourism


DURATION AND PERIOD OF THE COURSE PROGRESS : 400 H ( 240 classroom and 160 territorial laboratories) October 2015 /March 2016

Direction's Course : Province of Reggio Calabria and Pensando Meridiano

Resp. of educational coordination: Giuseppe Mangano, Andrea Procopio, Danilo Emo, Luca Assumma

Support to educational coordination: Alessia R. Palermiti

Resp. Scientific project: Prof.ssa Arch. C. Nava


> Postcards / courses' themes  >>city makers  >>>promoter and ecotourism operator

> Courses' students list >>>click here

> Curses' Presentation  (pdf) >>>click here

> Programm of Collaborative meetings #Open  >>>click here