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Tutti i progetti, le azioni e i prodotti sono a cura di Pensando Meridiano con la responsabilità scientifica di Consuelo Nava e si avvalgono della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633  sulla "proprietà intellettuale" 

> Re_Learning EcoCITY

With the experience of Re_Learning EcoCity, projecting scenarios and visions able to recycle waste, to regenerate and recycle the transept of coastline and its relationship with the public and collective space of the promenade and the city behind, with its-facing the strait. this to restore the balance of the structures of the environment through the permeability of the strand and the taken stretch of coastline; to predict a different use, in its time, and in relations with the organization, not only related to the economy management (of the private), but the ecology of its use. A new vision of standard terms for the beach under concession. A new way to reuse the materials in a new cycle of life and energy.


Proposing actions and strategies for recycling, which essentially provide for the possibility that the structure used for accommodation and bathing can prolong their life time taking in another time, the meaning and the value of "public space in urban public space"; so that it can check the impact of production and social types on the coast, overcoming their seasonality and identifying hybridization between activities and functions and economies public - private type virtuous.


Real actions of urban acupuncture that can be realized by proposing three scenarios, related to the material recycling:



Shows the storage of waste material present in the area and its transfer and recycling and use in other urban area.


Proposes the storage of waste material present in the area and its use and recycling facilities on the same site in bathing season.


Proposes the storage of waste material present in hybridizing it with other environmentally friendly materials, recycling and / or from waste, for its use and recycling facilities on the same site in bathing season.


Action Calajunco_ lido sequestered to the mafia on the seafront of Reggio Calabria_ activity 16.01.2014/16.02.2014_ collaboration with: Atelier Recycle Universitario, ABITALab, Libera

Social and urban innovation project and key enabling technologies


Learning City is the tactic by which Pensando Meridiano proposes the learning dimension of the dynamics of change and transformation phenomena of urban spaces, connecting communities and processes enabling the urban, social and environmental regeneration actions.


The city-making that reactivates the spaces is supported by the idea of ​​their creative cultural city strategy, using its instruments of the organization from the bottom of the communities pro-active as a cultural operating principals work with the integrated social communication related to multimedia and advanced technologies and active laboratories for social cohesion.


Learning City proposes actions on the enhancement and the use and management of public spaces, spaces with cultural and environmental heritage of excellence, urban suburbs. The tactic uses the skills and competences, as well as the instruments, from the Laboratory DHD of Pensando Meridiano.


> Action on the reactivation of public spaces in Reggio Calabria


>Action presentation: read here the document edited by C. Nava

> Presentation event: Conference "City Visions of collective spaces and places of the soul" - National Day of Psicology_ October 10, 2016 c/o Palazzo Campanella, Council Region Calabria


> Info: project in collaboration with ETT Solutions (news on the project)

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Action "Partecipatory Laboratory for common spaces of Telesio 2.0"


>Presentation: read here

> Info: in collaboration with ActionAid Italia Onlus  

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