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Tutti i progetti, le azioni e i prodotti sono a cura di Pensando Meridiano con la responsabilità scientifica di Consuelo Nava e si avvalgono della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633  sulla "proprietà intellettuale" 




FabCity in LivingLab

Urban innovation and creativity factory in Reggio Calabria
(Property confiscated from the mafia entrusted BY the Court of Reggio Calabria


FabCity, Innovation and creativity Factory in the city, is the physical space of the project of social innovation, sustainability and employment for the inclusion of young people. In this case, redemption of property confiscated from the mafia, which place to settle the activities of FabCity, amplifies the social impact and economic value, by adjusting the levels of legality and reaction related to the territory at the local scale (also with particular reference to the localization context see par.02) with strong impact on the effectiveness in larger scale. Furthermore, for the particular conditions of the existing property state, it is also intervene on the levels of environmental sustainability, because the action of regeneration and recycling of well seized also corresponds to an actual clearance intervention, for the presence of asbestos elements on the cover (4 tons), to the presence of waste from storage of equipment and other waste from previous activities and for the state of physical and environmental degradation of the surrounding areas and adnexa open spaces.
So the realization of a FabCity in town, with outdoor and indoor action, inside and outside the factory space, because it is not to set up a social activity and production of narrow interests of individuals who run in the localization district, but a real "urban hub" model, a space for innovation and creativity for young people to be the place of reference and permanent urban laboratory for those who produce goods for services of social innovation initiatives, technological innovation and creativity, entrepreneurial,
but activating training courses and information.


The project promoters are the members of Pensando Meridiano, permanent sustainable culture Laboratory, innovation and social cohesion and reboot, Association of change & innovation. The target group is young people with involvement and leadership at multiple levels.


The reference topics for the activities and the production of goods and services of FabCity with innovative processes of joint planning strategies and tactics, and making city through the selection of competitive lines are:


  • Innovation and social cohesion (Making City and Social Change)

  • Sustainable innovation (energy efficiency and sustainable design)

  • urban innovation

  • Design of competitive programs (local, national, European, state aid)

  • Creative City and cultural innovation

  • Processes and projects for Smart City

  • Processes, activities and products to FabLab and FabCity

  • Processes, activities and products for Digital Innovation

  • know-how transfer between research and innovation

  • Transfer of strategies and tactics between innovation and territory

  • Social Communication and territorial marketing



The technical feasibility of the initiative will be linked to the success of the operations to be deployed:
- FabCity presentation of the executive project and assignment of the property seized by the Court of Reggio Calabria and signing of the contract with a treat for the rent to unbundling n. years of profits to cover the investment costs for the redevelopment and remediation.
redevelopment projects, recycling and reclamation of the warehouse facilities and its spaces according to their tactic of ReActioncity Challenging projects (on assets seized and confiscated from the mafia see
- Start of the activities of "sharing economy" (exchange of money, manpower and services) to retrieve the necessary economies and the redevelopment of the asset management activities
- start-up with priming activities already available to the proponents associations
- selection and election in competitive projects and programs to recover funds and investments for capital goods useful to the production of high-level competitive services
- Starting the communication and construction phase in order to promote FabCity project as "foundation" FaBCity (company participation in the definition phase): with the aim to promote the project to sign partnership agreements and organize promotional events. This legal institution is the new Italian model of management of initiatives in the field of cultural and non-profit ingenere. And 'an institution without profit, to which you can join by making money, tangible or intangible, or professional services.



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*C.Nava scientific resp of FabCity project