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Regenerative Design_Impact Map

> The mapping presented for the actions of the laboratory city of Reggio Calabria Metropolitan City, through the city-making association Pensando Meridiano (see img "Regenerative Design_Impact map by G. Mangano") offers different levels of reading, measurement and location of projects.

The map detects impacts of social innovation and the "performance" dimension of products, processes and services triggered, realizes the equation on the results (outcomes), essential to the effectiveness of the "change" processes, which must tend every regeneration project in models of "human smart cities".


So, in an intermediate detection time of three years, the map is implemented by setting and reading of the resources that engage many levels of pro-activity and collaboratively key information: the actors involved in the processes, the sharing community, the management of products and services created and innovated for the realization of projects, the sharing economy and the economic impact, as well as references to the environmental controlled in a sustainable, crossing the territories of the city-laboratories to achieve actions and disseminations.

[C. Nava, scientific project manager for Pensando Meridiano]

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Regenerative Design_Impact map by G. Mangano

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