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Tutti i progetti, le azioni e i prodotti sono a cura di Pensando Meridiano con la responsabilità scientifica di Consuelo Nava e si avvalgono della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633  sulla "proprietà intellettuale" 




The Laboratory City methodology


The experimentation of "city-making" implemented with the direct actions by the Association Pensando Meridiano, has in fact represented the test model and the "laboratory city" strategy founded by Consuelo Nava, building tactics through the network of protagonism of the "makers", self-sustaining with its presence in the actions planned.

A new political dimension of "participation" as creative atmosphere in spaces / territories that are capable of making the creative process, from the project ReActionCity to the realization of the FaBCity, a project of "economic geography", with the ambition to tackle the issues of smart strategy resilient and collective cities, through actions nutrients the "social quality" of production and urban spaces, articulating and generating visions and reactions in citizenship.
But even with the ambition to be the scene of economic and competitive environment, which promotes social inclusion and social cohesion processes (work, new welfare, employment, new job profiles, etc) where we build new "networks for innovation and change "at the same time pursuing the" collective well-being and individual potential projects. "


The action-reaction that is the fertile condition for the production of visions for the urban social innovation projects fielded manages to engage and re-enable both the productive ecosystem of skills brought into play with the skills of makers, both the ' social and urban ecosystem with active citizenship practices, interested in imaging, co-designing, creating and participating in the management of common goods, such as gauges and multipliers of the quality of life of communities and sustainable urban development.


> Document about LabCity, by C.Nava >>> click here


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> presentation at SMAU Milano, 21.10.2015 (Workshop  "Creatività per l'innovazione del Territorio" Regione Calabria ),

   at minute 39' of video >>> click here


> ReActionCity and FabCity in "Come rifare una Città", by Lucia Esposito, Il Gattopardo n° 9/4 Dicembre 2015, >>> click here


> Smart Communities SMAU - Anci Smart Community competition finalist, Napoli, 11.12.2015 with the projects ReActionCity, Reactioncity Women and FabCity for Reggio Calabria Metropolitan City.

   - photos  >>> here

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> MakingDay_The Laboratory City, 3rd Anniversay of  Pensando Meridiano c/o Palmarium Consiglio Regionale Calabria, RC.

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