The design workshop with construction site of self-building "ReWind", for the coastal area of Punta Pellaro (close to Reggio Calabria), it's an initiative with scientific finality applied on the receptive and social promotion of the territory, on the themes of the sustainable architecture and the landscape, of the social cohesion and the legality, during the activities promoted by the lab PRIN Re-cycle Italy U.O. Reggio Calabria e Centro Interuniversitario ABITALab RC, dip.DArTe, Università degli Studi Mediterranea di RC, with the participation of graduands and graduates in architecture, associations, firms and corporate body and on interest of a private client that give us the site for the experimentation, a yard-laboratory, the place to collect the equipments that will be planned and will be built for the re-activation of the kitesurf and windsurf station, before the new summer season.


The ready activism and collaboration between individuals, universities, institutions and companies can brand themselves as a cultural model of reaction-regeneration, fielding an appropriate response and collective that returns the operation of a service, but also the restoration of a place like "common asset", although it's private property, it participate in social and landscape values of an entire community of reference and it is the destination for all the inhabitants and visitors who arrive now in Punta Pellaro from many parts of Europe.


The general concept of the master plan of the project has considered a program connected to the activities expressed and those still bearable, without affecting the quality of space and resources of the site, supporting new proposed structures, a program of functional areas and equipment compatible with the place and community. The theme of recycling, accessible design and checked for translation during construction, the materials to be used on a short chain, and the temporary nature of the direct relationship configurations-utility, were the project requirements that have affected all nine proposals; Then, in the definition of each area fitted, an important value was delivered to the relationship with the exposure to the sun and the winds, with the vegetation, with the space and be equipped with the usage patterns expected in the day. The design team then expressed these qualities in 8 projects for 8 areas within the site.


The workshop took place in four phases, organized in different actions:


1) Launch of the selection and the design team(10 June 2013 c/o DArTe).

2) Activation laboratory activities of Workproject Rewind (10-27 June 2013).

3) Happening on the closure of the projects within the initiative DArTe Open Day (4 July 2013 c/o DArTe).

4) Activation yard self-building in Punta Pellaro, realization of the 8 areas equipped on trial site. (5 July – 20 July 2013)



About ReWind Recycle, see:

  • Thesis by Giuseppe Ristagno "Dal prototipo al progetto: scenari sostenibili e tecnologie del riciclo con l'uso dei pallet" > click here


Scientific Responsible  of activities:

Prof.Arch.V.Gioffré (Lab.Re-Cycle Italy);

Prof.ssa Arch.Consuelo Nava (ABITALAb. RC, resp. Re_Wind)



Tel. 366 3676187




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